"Blogger Sidekick adds a valuable coat of logistical and editorial polish to our blogging and content marketing efforts, and is a valued member of our broader team."

Will Swayne, Digital Marketing Expert & Managing Director of Marketing Results

"When I hired Will Blunt and Blogger Sidekick I really needed help with my blog. I was blogging myself, but had all of these guest contributors coming in... and it was just too much, it was more than I could handle. I was so pleased when I got Will and his team involved, because they could not only contribute high-quality content, but also manage all of our guest bloggers, freeing me up to focus on all the other important things I need to do in the business. I highly recommend this service."

Adam Franklin, co-author of Web Marketing That Works & Marketing Manager at Bluewire Media

Are You Ready To Take Your Blogging and Content Marketing To The Next Level?

  • If you are excited about scaling your blogging efforts, but just can't maintain a consistent stream of high-quality posts...

  • Or your business is growing, but you just can't justify the wage of a full-time content manager...

  • Or you’ve seen results in the past, but are struggling to get it all done amongst 101 other priorities...

I’ve got some good news...

Our Blog Management Service helps you effectively execute and grow your blogging efforts. This service is perfect for you if...

You want to be the "Authority" source for content in your industry, and need some help building the required systems and processes to get you there

You know quality blog content could be your unique point of difference in the market, but competing priorities and a simple lack of time keeps putting it off

You’re the Head of Content at a Digital Agency who understands the power of content, but is so busy meeting client demands that your blog isn't fulfilling it's potential

You’re a Small Business Owner or Director who doesn't have a dedicated team of content contributors and can't keep doing it all yourself

You’re a Virtual Entrepreneur or Blogger who has built a business on the back of content, but are looking for someone to help you take everything to the next level (Or just get your time back)

"I engaged Will Blunt and Blogger Sidekick as I needed someone who understood the challenges of building a business with blogging. He has freed me up from the daily grind of editing, publishing and marketing our guest posts. His skills as a writer and attention to detail have allowed me to concentrate on other vital projects. He not only does the work with passion, but adds value with suggestions and proactive followup. How would I describe Will? In two words... willing and awesome!"

Jeff Bullas, Social Media Expert & Founder of

"Will Blunt is a content editor of the very highest calibre. Will and his team always produce quality, one-of-a-kind content which is meaningful and impactful for both the end consumer and Google. Their trusted service saves me massive amounts of time, and is a smart strategic move for any business wanting to get more traffic in the medium to longer term with earned media."

Greg Cassar, Leading Digital Marketing Business Coach & Founder of The Collective

Can You Afford To Keep Going Like You Are?

What does blogging really mean to you and your business?

Is it a priority? Does it make it onto the strategic agenda every quarter?

If it's not a priority, then don't take up the opportunity to work with us. We only want to work with businesses that intend on giving this everything they've got.

But if it is a priority, 
how much longer can you go at your current pace?

How much longer is it going to be ok to "push back that blog post" until next week?

How much longer is it going to be ok to "just hit publish" even though you know the quality isn't there?

How much longer are you going to take all of it on yourself, when you know you need help?

Well if you're done with accepting mediocrity, spinning your wheels and de-prioritizing content - then this service is for you.

How Will The Blog Management Service Work?

The Blog Management Service is designed to deliver you high-quality blog content on autopilot, all whilst saving you valuable time. As a client you will have a dedicated account manager and access to our content team. We help you develop a content strategy, research blog post ideas, and regularly produce high-quality blog content for your website.


We will help you...

  • Find appropriate content researchers and writers that are the perfect fit for your business
  • Map out a tailored content strategy for six months at a time based on the problems you solve
  • Research high-performing keywords to partner this content strategy


We will help you...

  • Create high-quality content that is proven to perform well on social media, in search engines and with your ideal customers. (Average word count is between 1,000 and 1,500 words)
  • Source or create unique imagery and visuals to include throughout each blog post for increased engagement.

Here Are Just A Few Benefits That You Can Expect To See From Hiring Us

This blog management service is the ideal marketing investment if you are ready to scale your content marketing, but need expert resources to help you do it.

More Traffic

We help you create the right type of content - proven to perform well in search engines, on social media and with your ideal audience. This strategy, combined with a deliberate and effective promotion process has the potential to 2x or 3x your monthly traffic numbers.


You will benefit from our disciplined approach to scheduling consistent blog content for your blog that isn't reliant on you, or anyone else in your organization.

Time & Focus

Outsourcing blog management gives you back valuable time to focus on other important initiatives in your business.

Quality Content

This is not about hacking out a few 500-word posts and hoping for the best. Our rigorous blog researching, writing and editing process ensures unrivalled quality for the content you will publish.

Authority & Thought Leadership

The words "authority" and "thought leadership" are thrown around all too often. Essentially it is all about how your customers perceive your credibility, and whether they trust you enough to buy what it is you sell. Producing high-quality content time and time again will position you as a leader in your industry.

First Class Service

Service is one of our core values here at Blogger Sidekick, it's not an option, but a pre-requisite for working with us, and a performance metric for all of our staff. Unlike other marketing agencies, we limit the workload of our account managers by accepting less clients and delivering bigger outcomes for each of them.

Cost Savings

By signing up for this service you get access to an experienced blog marketing expert, and a content team specialized to deliver. Hiring a full-time staff member, or an internal team with all of these skills, could cost 2 or 3 times what we charge. Not to mention the reduced risk.


To lock in an obligation-free consultation


Blog Service Package Options



per month

  • Tailored Content Strategy

  • Keyword Research

  • 2 x Quality Blog Posts

  • SEO Optimization

  • Calendar Management

  • Ongoing Maintenance




per month

  • Tailored Content Strategy

  • Keyword Research

  • 4 x Quality Blog Posts

  • SEO Optimization

  • Calendar Management

  • Ongoing Maintenance




per month

  • Tailored Content Strategy

  • Keyword Research

  • 6+ x Quality Blog Posts

  • SEO Optimization

  • Calendar Management

  • Ongoing Maintenance


Final Thoughts

If you have made it this far, I know you are serious about scaling your blogging and content marketing efforts. That's good, because we take what we do very seriously.

My goal, with every new client that comes on board, is to provide unrivalled levels of service, build a lifetime professional partnership and deliver a case study of YOUR success.

To achieve those three things is no easy task, so it needs to be a perfect fit. I know me and my team are up for the journey, but are you?

If you're at all unsure about whether you've got what it takes, don't schedule a call with me.

However, if you are excited by everything you've seen on this page, and believe you are ready to take your content marketing up a level... Let's talk.

All it takes is one phone call.

If you have ANY questions at all, or need any more information about this blog management service please contact me directly.

My email address is [email protected] and my phone number is +61402768369.

I wish you all the best on this journey, and hope we can work together to build a case study of your success.