I wrote a blog post recently for Bluewire Media that outlined a number of reasons why blogging was still important to your business. I decided to turn that post into an infographic and re-purpose it on this blog, which is what you will see below. Visual content is always a big winner in my opinion and re-purposing your best posts is an essential component of an effective online strategy. (Feel free to share this graphic on your site, I have provided the code for you below!)

Is blogging dying?

If blogging was truly dying, then why would the world’s most adept marketers still be doing it? Seth Godin, Neil Patel, Jay Baer, Joe Pulizzi, Ann Handley… The list goes on. Other forms of content come and go, ebb and flow in popularity. But blogging outlasts them all, it has a way of staying strong amongst the turmoil of new tactics and tools.

At the core of its staying power is the fact that people crave confirmation. Blogging as a tool not only builds credibility for the writer but it empowers the reader to fulfill a worldview they already hold. Rarely do people want their core beliefs to be challenged, they want to hear about how they have been right all along!

As long as there are people out there reading content, there will be people writing it. Your blog is a platform to fulfill this human need. Make people feel good about what they already know. Confirm their suspicions and create a following that will believe the words you deliver.

Enjoy and share!

Why Blogging Matters to Your Business

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If you are a writer, blog because you love doing it. If you are not a writer, blog because people crave it.

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